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Why Should You Hire Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC?

HLS was created to disrupt the concept of the typical client/attorney experience and rewrite the rules of how law is traditionally practiced. Our goal is to make high quality legal services available on your schedule instead of ours. We do this by leveraging technology to work for both of us and improve your experience and reduce your cost.

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What Makes Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC Different Than Other OKC Firms?

Accessibility: Contact us anytime through text, email, phone. Zoom meetings are available nights and weekends.

Client Portal: You have 24-hour access to information related to your case and can easily pay bills online.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Creative pricing, payment plans to result in making legal services available for real people and more small businesses.

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An Experienced Advocate On Your Side

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC gives each new case the attention it deserves. We work closely with you so that you can develop a game plan for your legal needs and obtain the new beginning you deserve.

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Amy Hayes has been licensed to practice law in Oklahoma since 2003. There's no need to handle these difficult matters of law all alone. Get the legal advice, counsel, and representation you need.

Contact Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC at  405-635-5578 or  [email protected] for a consultation. Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC can help you decide which course of action will serve your best interests.  

6420  North Santa Fe C OKC, OK 73116 is our new physical address.

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Estate Planning

If you do not want the state of Oklahoma to make determinations of who ends up with your legacy after you leave this earth. Estate planning is imperative.

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Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC offers a free fifteen- minute exploratory consultation. Reach out today via text, phone, or proceed with scheduling your appointment on-line. We are committed to timely replying with all inquiries within twelve hours. Talk To Us On Social Media

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