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What Is Eminent Domain And Condemnation?

Eminent Domain/ Condemnation often used inter-changably and they usually refer to a process that allows the government to take individual property if the government needs that property for a "public use" and provides the owner "just compensation" for taking.  "Public use" refers to projects or developments that a government entity deems beneficial to the public. Parks, schools, highways, government buildings, utility projects, are examples of public uses. If a taking does not serve a public purpose, it is unlawful and you can challenge it. Too many property owners think they are powerless to negotiate with an agent of the government when they mention eminent domain.  

https://www.hayeslegalsolutions.com/aboutHayes Legal Solutions, PLLC helps property owners obtain the fairest and most comprehensive compensation possible. With the right legal representation, you can negotiate the payment you receive and receive full and just compensation for the land you will be giving up. 

Below Are Examples Of Things Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC Can Help You With When Seeking Just Compensation In Your Eminent Domain Case:

  • Proving the "highest and best use" of any impacted property
  • Review offers received from condemning agency and provide insight if the payment offered is fair
  • Seek compensation for relocation expenses when applicable
  • Obtain full payment for your lost property rights
  • Obtain full payment for any diminution of value in any remaining property

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC offers flat fee pricing for most Eminent Domain/Condemnation offer reviews. During our free 15 minute onboarding call, we will discuss with your situation to see which package will best suit your needs.  Contact us online or call or text us today at 405-635-5578 for your onboarding call.

Service Price Detail
Basic Attorney Contract Review $300.00 Includes review up to 25-page contract and one-hour meeting to discuss.
Contract Revision/Negotiation Package $600.00 Everything included in basic, plus redline change into contract and up to two hours of negotiation and/or client communication. Note, additional services can be purchased at a discounted rate of $200.00 per hour if counter-offers or additional services are needed.

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