Paternity in Oklahoma


In Oklahoma, the establishment of paternity depends on whether a child was born into the marriage.  In the case of an unmarried couple, there is no presumption of paternity. In Oklahoma, you can establish or deny paternity with an Acknowledgement of Paternity form, a Husband's Denial of Paternity Form, or a court order.  

Why Should Paternity Be Established?

  • Emotional benefits of having both parents, support from each parent, access to potential health and legal benefits of inheritance rights.
  • You will gain legal rights and responsibilities on behalf of your child.
  • Once paternity is established in court, a child's mother or child can seek a court order enforcing child support obligations

What is Paternity Acknowledgment?

  • When an unmarried couple have a child and the father consents to be legally identified as the child's father, both parties can sign an  Acknowledgement of Paternity Form, which is usually available at the hospital or through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services website.
  • Once an Acknowledgment of Paternity is signed, a father becomes legally obligated to support and care for the minor child.

Contested Paternity

  • If parties are not for certain who the father of the child is, a Paternity Acknowledgment should not be signed.
  • DNA testing should be done to determine who the father of the child is.
  • You should not attempt to handle a contested Paternity case without an attorney.

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