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What Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC Can Do For Your Small Business?

  • Draft, negotiate, review and execute business contracts for all industries. Our services can be tailored for the risks and exposures of your business model.
  • Our LLC formation services include drafting your operating agreement, preparing and filing a certificate of formation with the Oklahoma Secretary of State, and acquiring LLC's tax identification number.

What Makes Contracts Legally Enforceable in Oklahoma?

Per Oklahoma law, a valid contract must contain these four elements:

  1. An offer;
  2. An acceptance of the offer;
  3. A “meeting of the minds” (both parties reach a genuine agreement); and
  4. Mutual consideration (both parties must give up something of value, such as money for a service).

Even with these elements in place, a contract may still be invalid if the parties who entered into the contract were not competent: Minors, adults with incapacities, or adults under the influence of alcohol or drugs may not enter a legal arrangement. Similarly, if the subject matter of the contract is illegal, it is not a valid, enforceable contract.

Flat Fee Services Available on Most Small Business Services

Service Price Detail
Basic Attorney Contract Review $300.00 Includes review up to 25-page contract and one-hour meeting to discuss.
Contract Revision/Negotiation Package $600.00 Everything included in basic, plus redline change into contract and up to two hours of negotiation and/or client communication. Additional hours can be purchased at a reduced rate of $200.00 per hour if counter off negotiations are necessary.
LLC Formation Services $1,500 Draft operating agreement, preparing and filing certificate of formation with Oklahoma Secretary of State, and acquiring LLC's tax identification number.

*Other estimates available upon request.

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