Renewable Energy Law For Land Owners in Oklahoma


In recent years, Oklahoma is now a dominant player in the renewable energy sector which includes wind and solar leases. Hayes Legal Solutions, LLC offers flat fee services for lease and row services for this sector.

How Do You Get Paid in a Wind Energy Lease?

  • Fixed payments based on megawatt capacity
  • Royalty Payments based on a gross revenue
  • Potentially, a combination of both

Things to Think About When Negotiating a Wind Lease:

  • Lease term- How long will the lease be in play? 
  • What is necessary for a wind developer to perform so a lease in effect?
  • What is an option contract in a wind lease?
  • What happens if the wind developer goes files for bankruptcy, how will that help me?
  • Ask the developer to pay for an attorney well versed in reviewing wind leases?
  • How much acreage do you need to own to be critical to a wind farm development plan?
  • Do wind companies pay bonuses like oil and gas companies?
  • Does the lease have a remediation bond that covers cost for taking wind turbine down?
  • How do I get paid on a wind lease?
  • What terms are negotiable in a wind energy lease?
  • How will a wind lease impact my farm?
  • What are my obligations under the wind lease?
  • What happens when the project ends

How Do You Get Paid For A Solar Lease?

  • annual rent on a per acre basis

Things to Think About When Negotiating a Solar Lease

  • How long is the lease in effect?
  • Do I need a lease payment escaltor?
  • Do solar leases have royalties? If not, how do I get paid?
  • How are solar panels removed when the project is over?
  • Does the solar developer get to have access to my roads for the project?
  • What happens if the solar company goes out of business?
  • Do I need an indemnification in the solar lease?
  • How will a solar lease impact my farm?

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC can answer the above questions and offers flat free services for solar and wind lease negotiations and right of way for landowners.  Call today at 405-635-5578.

Service Price Details
Basic Attorney Contract Review For Wind and Solar Leases $300.00 Includes review up to 25-page contract and one-hour meeting to discuss.
Contract Revision/Negotiation Package for Wind and Solar Leases $600.00 Everything included in basic, plus redline change into contract and up to two hours of negotiation and/or client communication. Note, additional time can be purchased at a reduced hourly rate of $200.00 per hour for counteroffer negotiation, if necessary.

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