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Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC Helps Small Businesses In Oklahoma Prevent Commercial Lease Disputes Before They Happen

The best way to prevent commercial lease disputes is to understand the lease before you sign it. Unfortunately, many commercial tenants sign a lease without understanding all of the terms they agreed to because they do not review the commercial lease with a real estate attorney because of fear of the cost incurred to hire an attorney. Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC is committed to helping make legal services accessible and affordable to small businesses in Oklahoma. We can help you tailor any commercial lease specifically to the space in question and the terms and conditions agreed upon between you and the landlord.

Landlords often try to include terms and conditions most favorable to themselves in leases. If you don't notice them and negotiate to have them reworded or excluded before you sign, you may end up facing unexpected costs or liabilities down the road with little or no legal recourse. Call us today at 405-635-5578. By reviewing your lease with Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC before you sign we can help do the following:

  • Identify any potentially unfair or harmful terms for your business in the lease.
  • Determine any provisions or wording you may want to alter or add to the lease.
  • Negotiate more favorable terms to which the landlord will still agree.
  • Allow you to claim that your lawyer has advised you to suggest changes, potentially giving you more leverage.
Service Price Details
Phone Strategy Session - up to 30 minutes $50.00 This service allows for you to ask Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC about specific lease provisions. Note, this service does not include attorney review of the entire lease.
Basic Attorney Contract Review $300.00 Includes review up to 25 page contract and one hour meeting to discuss.
Contract Revision/Negotiation Package $600.00 Everything included in basic, plus redline changes into the contract and up to two hours of negotiation and/or client communication. Additional hours can be purchased at a reduced rate of $200.00 per hour if counteroffers are necessary or additional services beyond flat free services are needed.

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