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 In theory, adoption for same sex couples mirror adoption processes for heterosexual couples in Oklahoma.   Despite Oklahoma's progression in the past decade, sometimes stereotypes and biases still rear their ugly head, that is why it is a good idea to consult with an attorney that is an advocate for same sex families to guide you through the adoption process.

Who Can Adopt a Child In Oklahoma?

  • Single LGBTQ individuals can petition the court to adopt as a single parent
  • Same-sex couples are allowed to adopt
  • Step-parent adoption is allowed in same-sex marriage
  • Adults need to be over 21 in the state of Oklahoma to adopt
  • A non-birthing spouse may petition the court to adopt the child of the birthing spouse, when IVF was used

Overall, members of the LGBTQ community have more options than ever to build their families.

Benefits of Adopting a Step-Child:

  • The child may receive healthcare insurance through the step-parent's employer
  • If biological parent and step-parent separate, the child may be entitled to support from the adoptive stepparent, and the court may order custody or visitation between the child and the step-parent
  • If a child becomes sick, the step parent may consent to medical treatment under the Family and Medical Act, such as taking leave for the child.
  • Without a stepparent adoption, if the child's biological parent dies or becomes incapacitated, the child could be removed from the non-biological parent's care and placed with relatives or a foster family Legal Solutions, PLLC advocates for the OKC LGBTQ community and would be happy to help you take the stress out of the adoption process. Strategy sessions can be booked below, online or feel free to call/text us at 405-635-5578.

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