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Who Is The Face Of Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC?

Amy Hayes is a small-town girl that grew up in the South watching SEC football and losing her flip-flops in her grandparent's garden.  Amy graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Auburn University in 2000 and earned her Juris Doctor degree from Oklahoma City University School of Law School in 2003 at the young age of 23. She has been licensed to practice law in all Oklahoma courts since 2003.

 Amy's career has been spent between a couple of larger firms in Oklahoma City, working as a federal government attorney, or chasing an oil rig.  Additionally, she has worked as a commercial negotiator for a fortune 500 Oil and Gas company, which gave her extensive training on negotiations and real-world business practices that is not taught in a regular law school curriculum.  Amy is applying the technology she learned in the corporate world to create a law practice that truly changes the way law is practiced in the state of Oklahoma.  She is determined to teach people that going to an attorney can be a positive experience that adds value to your life and business. 

What Is The Vision Behind Why Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC Exist?

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC was created as a result of COVID bringing attention to the fact the traditional business model for law firms in Oklahoma is broken. Prior to COVID, it was very rare that you could get an attorney to have a virtual zoom meeting with you or set up a consultation outside of 9:00 to 5:00 office hours. Covid has taught us Oklahomans want access to legal services on their schedule, instead of the attorneys.

Additionally, we have learned that potential clients need and want to find "true value" in the services they receive from an attorney. Now, clients care less about who has the fanciest office and more about who can provide them with the service they need without breaking the bank and making them use all of their vacation time from work just to get help with a legal problem. Rather than simply claim, we are "client centered" on our website, Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC has listened to feedback from clients and created a law firm that gives people what they want, when they want it.

We have reduced our overhead, automated many of our services, and we are passing the savings on to our clients. Our fees are often 20% to 25% lower than other attorneys with comparable experience, but maintain the old school model of practicing law. Office meetings are scheduled a day in advance and available at 3030 NW Expressway Suite (#599) Oklahoma City, OK 73112 or we also have access to office space in Edmond to meet clients if it is more convenient for them.

Phone calls from clients are returned within twelve hours, often much faster. Clients have the option of bringing materials with them to the meeting/office or uploading important documents directly to the client portal themselves. We are also totally ok with doing client meetings via zoom.  We happily engage in conversations with our clients about what they can do to reduce their legal bill. We truly seek to be the law firm that adds value to your life and/or business.  Call us today at 405-635-5578.

Bar Associations and Memberships

  • Oklahoma Bar Association
  • The ABA Bar- Family Law Section
  • Oklahoma Family Law Section
  • Oklahoma Property Section
  • Oklahoma Mineral Law Section
  • Cleveland Bar Association
  • Oklahoma County Bar Association
  • LGBTQ Bar Association- Family Law Institute
  • Phi Alpha Delta

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  • Detail Oriented, Excellent Negotiation Skills

    I worked closely with Amy in numerous complex oil and gas projects. She is very detail oriented, has excellent negotiation skills, and truly understands the complexities of the energy business.
  • Personable, Knowledgeable, Great Value

    Amy is great to work with. She is very personable, knowledgeable about a lot of different things, and a great value for the services provided. She truly tries to make sure her services add value to your life.
  • Amazing Attorney

    The lady behind Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC is an amazing attorney. She was very attentive to my situation and helped me reach a great resolution with my problem. She returned calls and text same day.
  • Very Knowledgeable and Approachable Attorney

    Amy is very knowledgeable of all facets of the oil and gas business and real estate industry.  She has keen business instinct and legal expertise, which is hard to find.  She always replied quickly and made time for any questions I had, would definitely recommend her.
  • Approachable and Practical Advice

    Amy makes difficult situations bearable with her witty personality and practical approach to handling high conflict situations. Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC is committed to serving the great people of Oklahoma.


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