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3 Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Oklahoma Divorce Case in Oklahoma City

Posted by Amy Hayes | Mar 20, 2022 | 0 Comments

Below are 3 Mistakes That Should Be Avoided During A Divorce In Oklahoma City

1. Taking No Action and Not Seeking Legal Help

 Some people when faced with a difficult situation, think if they ignore the situation or do nothing the situation will resolve itself.

      Oklahoma law required that you follow certain procedures when:

  •       You file for divorce;
  •        If you receive notice that your spouse has filed for divorce;
  •        Preparing and filing a divorce petition;
  •        Answering a divorce petition

      If you ignore an ongoing divorce or deadlines during the divorce process, sometimes the consequences can be very detrimental to your case. As such, it is            important you contact a divorce attorney as soon as possible to help with your case.

2.  Not Be Truthful About Everything to Your Attorney

     If you are involved in a divorce, the opposing party has the right to obtain information from you regarding your:

  • Finances;
  • Criminal History;
  • Substance abuse;
  • Parenting Ability;
  • Medical and psychological information

If you hide or lie about anything during the divorce and it is discovered by the other side or the judge, your credibility will be lost and it will damage your case.

It is imperative you be very blunt and truthful with your divorce lawyer regarding all matters.  An Oklahoma divorce attorney's job is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your case. Your attorney cannot prepare for an issue they are unaware of.

Your divorce lawyer will help prepare you for in-court testimony and can help you downplay/minimize bad facts.  Surprises make a bad situation worse.  Make sure your divorce lawyer is aware of any:

  • Hidden assets;
  • Drug use;
  • Adultery;
  • Other bad facts;

It is important that you avoid destroying evidence, which is often referred to as spoilation of evidence.  Spoliation means that a party destroys or conceals evidence that would have been harmful at trial.

3. Posting Inappropriate Things on Facebook, Other Social Media or Email

Everything posted on the internet can and often does come become a dangerous tool that can be used against you in an Oklahoma divorce proceeding. It is in your best interest to exercise extreme caution in what you post, where you check-in, who can see your friend list during a divorce and child custody proceeding.

Be nice to your spouse. Do not want put anything in voicemails, texts or writing that you would not be comfortable sharing with your priest.

Hayes Legal Solutions,PLLC handles matters that affect children and families. If you have questions regarding divorce, it is important to speak with us right away to protect your rights.  Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC handles divorce cases in Oklahoma City, Yukon, Norman, Edmond, Bethany, Bethany, Moore, Guthrie, El Reno, and Nichols Hills or sounding counties areas, including Oklahoma County, Logan County, Cleveland County, and Canandian County. Call us at 405-635-5578 or schedule a consultation on-line.

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