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How a Real Estate Attorney Can Save Buyers and Sellers Money

Posted by Amy Hayes | Feb 04, 2022 | 0 Comments

How a Real Estate Attorney Can Help Home Buyers and Sellers In Oklahoma City, Yukon, Norman, Edmond, and Moore Save Money


Most people when they think about buying or selling a property, think of attorneys as adding expense to the transaction. In reality, an experienced real estate attorney, like Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC can help you reduce the overall cost of the transactions, while offering legal insight to protect your large investment.

When Representing a Buyer, a Real Estate Attorney Can:

  • talk to you about the pros and cons of using a realtor to represent you versus representing yourself
  • prepare offers and help you and/or your realtor develop a negotiation strategy
  • review inspection reports and spot issues that most home buyers are not familiar with
  • review financial/loan documents and loan terms
  • review title policy
  • explain the closing documents the title company will ask you to sign at closing

When Representing a Seller,  A Real Estate Attorney Can:

  • talk to you about the pros and cons of using a realtor to represent you versus representing yourself
  • help you with the disclosure statement, remind you that not accurately completing your disclosure statement in Oklahoma, can expose you to liability up to two years after the transaction is closed.
  • draft or review the real estate contract
  • review offers, resolve title issues, negotiate transaction terms, 
  • review counter-offers with you or your realtor
  • help you understand the financial information submitted with offers and advise you what additional information is needed from a perspective buyer to help you make sure they are qualified to purchase your home.
  • review closing documents with you understand the documents you are going to be asked to sign at closing

What Are Things That Come Up In A Residential Home Purchase That A Real Estate Attorney Could Help With?

  • who pays for items noted in the inspection report?
  • reviewing Home Owner Association (HOA) documents?
  • help you understand the restrictive covenants in HOA documents?
  • do you need the architectural committee in your neighborhood review your pool design before you start building it?
  • what if the closing date needs to be changed?
  • what if the buyer of the property, financing falls apart?

How Much Does This Service Cost?

  • Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC provides a general residential home buying/selling 30 minute consultation for $50.00 via phone or via zoom. 
  • If you choose to work with us, we have flat fees that range between $500.00 to $2,000.00 depending on the price point of the home being purchased or sold. Fees can be paid at closing.  Note, if the transaction does not close, client is responsible for half the fee.

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC is able to give well balanced advice to their client and identify potential issues before they come up, which will ultimately add value to the client's purchase.  Call or text us today at 405-635-5578.

About the Author

Amy Hayes

Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC is owned by Amy Hayes, she is also known by some as Amy Hayes-Thompson. She has been licensed to practice law in Oklahoma since 2003. Amy started Hayes Legal Solutions to make legal services more accessible and affordable to Oklahomans. Family Law, LGBTQ Family Law, Real Estate Law, Oil &Gas Law, Small Business Contracts, and Renewable Energy Law are her primary practice areas.


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