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Divorcing in Oklahoma, Does Not Have To Be Scary

Posted by Amy Hayes | Oct 22, 2023 | 0 Comments

Top 3 "Skeltons in The Closet" Divorce Attorneys See Clients Being Embarrassed Of Discussing

1. INFIDELITY- Whether you have been cheated on or had wondering eyes yourself, most all people seeking divorce or separation have had this issue come up in their marriage. In Oklahoma, infidelity is really only important if you are concerned about dissipation of assets, when it comes to property division. Despite, infidelity, being a common cause of divorce, do not feel ashamed of discussing this issue with your divorce attorney.

2. DEBT & FINANCE- Divorce can be a frightening time. Most people's household incomes will go from two people working to one . The idea of returning to the work force can be a daunting task, if you have been a stay at home spouse working with young children. Working with an experienced family law firm that understands finance and explains to you the divorce process and highlights what areas will increase/decrease your divorce bill can take away anxiety related to this area.

3. BEING ALONE- If you have been in a long term- relationship, the idea of suddenly having to handle everything yourself can be overwhelming. Specifically, where are you going to live while divorce is pending?  Where will the children stay?  What do I do when my spouse is spending time with the children?  All of these things are important questions, an experienced family law firm can help you get answers and develop a game plan on how to handle.

Common Things People Do When Contemplating Divorce, But Most People are Too Embarrassed to Admit.

  • Making a list(s) of things you hate about your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.
  • Facebook messaging your ex , just to touch base.
  • Listening to sad songs on purpose. Performing them in the mirror, with tears in your eyes.
  • Eating candy corn in large quantities when you do not like it.
  • Starting kickboxing to help get your anger out, then quitting.
  • Starting yoga to help manage your anxiety, then quitting.
  • Saying you're going to gym, and actually going to Dunkin Donuts.
  • Burning old pictures.
  • Starting a cycling routine to help get your body back into “single” shape, and then quitting.
  • Joining a book club to help get yourself out among the humans, then only going to the first meeting.
  • Get excited when you see people suddenly get more interested in you when they find out you are single
  • Engage in new sexual experiences.

Divorce/Legal Separation are matters of the heart, as such, it is important to find an attorney you feel comfortable with to discuss any skeletons in your closet to develop a fit for purpose strategy to help you get everything you are entitled to, when divorcing in Oklahoma. Hayes Legal Solutions, PLLC offers free 15 minute exploratory calls/texts at 405-635-5578

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